Automatic Packet Reporting System

APRS………..A tracker!  A GPS is fed into a TNC (Terminal Node Controller).  The TNC takes the GPS’s NMEA data stream and converts it to analog.  Now analog, the audio is injected into a VHF radio to be transmitted on 144.390mhz.  The transmission will include your location and call sign.

There are a few ways of easily being tracked.  Tinytrak is one. A good simple tracker.  That’s it.


If you want a good mobile/tracker, then the Kenwood TM-D710 is the way to go.  There are other options out there, from experience this is the best.

Stations receiving this info can see your position in real time on a map via RF or on line!  APRS.FI

Here are some examples. VE7AFA  VA7LLB   VA7LJ   VE7MXT   VE7GIE  VE7SOC


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