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The Chilliwack Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce the arrival of the New Communications Trailer!  Its not equipped at this point but with the hard work of members and donations this will be a real cool unit!  Need counters, shelves, batteries, 6 mobile antenna, decaling, roof mount A/C, to mention a few things.



May 29 2015 Counters have been donated and installed!  Looking Pretty Darn GOOD!

IMG_20150821_191539  IMG_20150821_191549  IMG_20150821_185154_hdr

UPDATE!!!   January 30 2016  Rubber flooring has been installed.  All antennas and hardware has been ordered.


April 3 2016. Work party.  installed, antennas, some radios, generator, inverter, chairs, alarm system

IMG_20160403_110109  IMG_20160403_110055  IMG_20160403_121325


New Solar system, Awning and D-star Radios!!

May 1 2016

IMG_20160501_130732  IMG_20160501_111527_hdr

May 25th 2016

Mastdown  Mast1

comm's fieldday 2016

Decaling all done!  The reflective call sign is a nice touch!                    Oct. 13, 2016

IMG_20161019_173259  IMG_20161019_174533

Longwire Antenna Balun for better HF Listening



Often referred to as Long Wire Balun, this device is used to match the impedance of a long wire HF antenna to a 50 ohm input impedance of a receiver.

Such impedance matching usually results in a significant signal strength increase (up to 17 dB in some cases, and approximately 5 dB on average), compared to the long wire antenna connected directly to the antenna input of the receiver.

For $39.95 and some shipping you can match a Long Wire antenna to your HF radio. This makes for a great HF and SW listening post.

Check it out at