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VE7RCK Repeater Site

August 15, 2020 : Significant changes were made to the repeater site, as all of our equipment was moved over to the new repeater shack. All machines (repeaters, computers, mesh nodes, etc) are functioning as before with the exception of the UHF D-Star “B” module. A receive signal poor reception problem had been noted, and will require investigation. This repeater has been turned off for the time being. Once repairs/adjustments are made, we will re-activate this Module. See below for further info.

D-Star UHF “B” Module Currently OFFLINE


Our UHF “B” Module is currently offline while we investigate a poor receive condition by the repeater. All current AUTO-LINKING functions have been moved to the VHF “C” Module. Please continue to utilize the “C” Module as before and enjoy!

YAHOO! GROUP Migration

Hello all, with the recent changes made by Yahoo! in regards to the Yahoo Groups, we have started a new project on that will maintain all of the functionality that Yahoo! Groups provided, with some new features, and is easier to use. You do not require a Yahoo! specific email address in order to sign-up for a group.

Check us out at and subscribe. Due to SPAM, as well as the nature of the information this group will hold, ALL membership request will require Approval. Our Admin will do their best to ensure a fast and accurate response.

VECTOR Radio – VHF (2m) QSO Party

November 16, 2019

Want to do some simple contesting on 2m? Make some QSOs with local Hams? Play with a few features on your radio?On November 16th, between 10:00 and 14:00 PST,  VECTOR will be running a QSO party on 2m simplex. The objective is to make as many contacts as you can. The limitation is that the stations must be within the grid CN89, CN99, CN78, which basically covers the lower mainland some of the islands, plus an area south of the 49th.

Their info package linked below includes the potential frequency list, sample QSO, and a log sheet. Bonus points for each municipality contacted.



January 11, 2020 @ 5:30pm

Our Annual New Years Dinner will take place on Saturday January 11, 2020 at the CANTON GARDEN Restaurant in Chilliwack – Banquet room.  Will be a nice evening to gather and socialize.  Let us know if you are coming, and bring your spouse.  We do need know the number of people who will be attending to be sure we have ample seating.   Click HERE for the menu. They have a great menu with a very large variety.

45595 Yale Road, Chilliwack

Contact us to confirm your attendance or for more information!