Club Executive

The Chilliwack Amateur Radio Club has 4 Executive Officers and 2 Directors.  The Annual General Meeting is held the 4th Thursday of November each year. Below are your elected club executive for 2017.


Glenn Culpepper VE7MXT – President 


Licensed in 1996.  Advanced license 2005.  I enjoy working on and maintaining repeaters for the Chilliwack ARC.  My home station is equiped for HF, VHF and UHF operation.  D-STAR.  Mobile APRS equipped on two of my vehicles.  My Wife and son are licensed operators as well.


Jeff Giesbrecht VE7GIE –  Vice President


I received my Amateur Radio Operator licence in January 2013.

My interest in Amateur Radio began when I decided I needed better communications while off-roading. My vehicle was equipped with CB, but would barely work farther than I could see, and Cellular is almost non-existent in the mountains and remote valleys,  so I began looking at my options. I found a posting on a local 4×4 website forum that a local club, the Chilliwack Amateur Radio Club (CARC), was putting on a course. I immediately signed up, took the course, and in late January 2013, I got my callsign. I got my first HT radio (Yaesu FT-60) in February and began operating.

After receiving my licence and first radio, I began to attend club get-togethers at the CARC. I had no idea what I was in for, as my primary reason to become licenced was simply to operate 2m while mobile/off-roading. Boy did my eyes open to a whole world of exciting possibilities. I now operate VHF/UHF, APRS, D-Star, and recently HF (Dec 2015).

I am really enjoying the hobby of Amateur Radio, and look forward to expanding my knowledge and capabilities.


Paul Blessin VA7LLB –  Secretary


I obtained my basic license in February, 2009 and my advanced license  in July, 2009.  My equipment includes a Yaesu VX-8DR HT, Kenwood TM-D710 mobile, and Kenwood TS-2000 at my QTH. I have the TS-2000 running to a Carolina Windom 160 at 30 meters above the ground.  My QTH is on the side of a mountain at approx 240 meters ASL.  I also have two j-pole antennas connected for 2m and 70cm operation. I participate in APRS activities with all three radios and I am an active member of my local club, the Chilliwack Amateur Radio Club. Other than ham radio, my hobbies include music (percussion) and 4x4ing.


Tanya MacNeish VE7TMM –  Treasurer

BIO coming soon


Steve  Kolstad VE7KGX – Director

Emergency Director

BIO coming soon


Lionel Robin VA7LRO – Director

Technical Director

My technical background is as follows:

  • Radio/TV Electronics Servicing Certificate, Technical Institute Moose Jaw, Sask., January, 1979
  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) University of Regina May 2003
  • Certified (Electronics) Technician (C.Tech) by  Sask Applied Science Technologists and Technicians
  • Retired from the RCMP in March 2014 after 33 years from a career of installing and maintaining: VHF/UHF/HF 2-way radio systems, computer networks  and  associated user gear. Stationed in 3 divisions: F (Sask), G (NWT), E (BC)
  • Have a small 2 way communications company called “Longrider Wireless”
  • Started as a HAM in 1989 as VE8LAR in the North West Territories.

What I enjoy most of the hobby is working with antennas, transmissions lines and duplexers  particularly with repeater equipment. My capacity as technical director has allowed me to do this and continue to learn new things about the field.


Ryan Allison VE7SOC –  Past President 


I have been into Amateur radio since 1998 . Last year I upgraded my radio license  from basic with Honors to Advanced. I share this knowledge with my wife Julie VE7JLH,
We enjoy HF DX long distance contacts.
I like to build my own Antennas and one is never enough  . RIGHT?
There is never ending learning with with AMATEUR RADIO.
Thx.   VE7SOC. 73’s

Advancing the art of Amateur Radio communications