DSTAR- DVAP- Raspberry Pi

If your adventurous, There are other ways of connecting to a D-Star repeater or reflector system.

DVAP (digital voice access point) –

Simply connect this to a computer/laptop that has internet.  Install and configure the DVAPTOOL program.  There is a little more to this, but you’ll get the gist.  Now you have the ability to connect to D-star repeaters and reflectors form anywhere you have internet!  Even when you are out of town away from any D-star repeater rolling down the highway, just use the internet from your mobile phone!


Instead of using a PC, try a raspberry PI !

Super small computer.  You can plug a DVAP into it and have a D-Star hotspt anywhere you have internet.




Raspberry pi using a DVmega board.

It does the same as the DVAP, A little cheaper and more portable.  It just wont plug into a PC.   Pi only.  If you happen to already have a pi you can buy the DVmega board separate.

Advancing the art of Amateur Radio communications