VE7RCK D-Star Repeater

VE7RCK 145.060mhz  and  444.625mhz  D-STAR REPEATER

The Chilliwack Amateur Radio Club added D-Star to our VE7RCK Repeater site in 2013. We started with a UHF Module and added a VHF Module in 2014.

We have a Gateway Server at the repeater site that uses a 5ghz data link from our Club Station 5 kilometers away for internet connectivity.  We are now using a 12v mini ITX computer so the server doesn’t go down due to hydro outages!

The D-Star repeater is also powered by A/C and back up battery.  It can be remotely turned off to save on power to lengthen the life of the FM repeater when needed

Icom G3 Software Upgrade


We have upgraded the VE7RCK Gateway to ICOM G3 Gateway software. This will allow users of the ID51A PLUS 2 HT and the ID-4100A mobile to utilize the new Access Point and Terminal modes.

Automatic Reflector Linking Update


“B” Module is being utilized for automatic Reflector linking to help increase activity on our sometimes very quiet system. The “C” Module is not used for auto linking, and is always available for your use. We do ask that it is returned to REF026B when you are finished, as requested below.

As for the “B” Module, the following automatic links will take place, and are meant to increase activity on the system, and generate local user interest in the D-Star system. Be aware of the time when using the B Module, as the following link will happen without notice, and may drop a link or QSO previously in progress. Note: 3 minutes before the following times, established links will drop, and automatically connect to their programmed Reflector.

Sunday      1700-2025     REF001C     International D-Star Net

Monday    1900-2125        REF038C     Raspberry Pi  Net

Tuesday    2000-2200        REF012A    PAPA System D-Star Tech

Friday        1600-1730        REF026A    Trains and Railroads Net


When you are finished with the C module, return it to REF026B Please.  This reflector is intended for all B.C. D-Star repeaters to connect when idle.  A great idea for some local convo’s during the morning and evening work drive!

To see who is using the D-star repeater or what its linked to it, view the DashBoard.

Local users can register on the club system HERE.  Our system IS safe, please proceed.  You must email us to let us know you have registered….


D-STAR Features

  • D-PRS®
  • Text Message
  • Internet Access
  • Auto I.D.
  • Digital Voice and Location
  • Rescue Tracking
  • Cross banding

To learn more about D-Star….



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