Want to be a Member of the Chilliwack Amateur                                          Radio Club ?

Membership Rates

As a member you will enjoy the privileges of Voting, running for executive positions and signing out equipment.   Your membership dues help the club keep equipment up to date and operational. The dues help support the Club radio station, Communications Trailer, Microwave links, repeater sites, servers, this web page.  There is thousands of dollars invested in repeater equipment alone that everyone uses.   Even if your a busy person and cant attend club nights or meetings your financial support by being a member means a lot!

You might be interested to know that our repeater system has been used to call for medical assistance many times over the years due to lack of cell service!  A valuable tool I’d say.

When engaging with other members you will find there is a wealth of knowledge in our club.  You might make a few new friends too while your at it!!


Membership Rates

Advancing the art of Amateur Radio communications