VE7RCK Repeater Site

August 15, 2020 : Significant changes were made to the repeater site, as all of our equipment was moved over to the new repeater shack. All machines (repeaters, computers, mesh nodes, etc) are functioning as before with the exception of the UHF D-Star “B” module. A receive signal poor reception problem had been noted, and will require investigation. This repeater has been turned off for the time being. Once repairs/adjustments are made, we will re-activate this Module. See below for further info.

D-Star UHF “B” Module Currently OFFLINE


Our UHF “B” Module is currently offline while we investigate a poor receive condition by the repeater. All current AUTO-LINKING functions have been moved to the VHF “C” Module. Please continue to utilize the “C” Module as before and enjoy!